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Travelling between cities

Autobús urbano y cocheOther transports


Coche de caballos


Horsecars/Horse Carriages: These are found in cities like Cienfuegos and Bayamo. They are used by both, cubans and foreigners, and the fare is quite inexpensive. Cubans must pay 1 or 2 pesos cubanos (CUP), and foreigners must pay 1 CUC. Even though you could also find taxicabs in these areas, horsecars are very typical and are used by everybody to be transported from one place to another.

Ómnibus urbano o guagua


Bus or Guagua: These could be used by foreigners, and they are very inexpensive as well, but they are not recommended.



Trains: At the moment, the train transportation service is not recommended. The trains are slows and uncomfortable .

It has been our attempt to provide you with details on all forms of transportation which could be found or used in the island. Nevertheless, we suggest you inquire more specifically as to the best way of going about the area you are visiting, especially in those places have not been taken to yet. In cities like Guanabo, for exemple, horsecars are not available for tourists' use; they could be only ridden by Cubans.

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