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Travel Cuba

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FAQ about traveling Cuba

How to prolong my stay on the Island?

To enter Cuba, it will be necessary to have a visa. This visa or tourist card will allow you to stay 30 days on the Island. Once in Cuba, you could prolong your stay for another 30 days, by going to any Immigration Office close to you. The proceedings will cost you about 30 CUC in stamps, which could be purchased at any branch of the Metropolitan Bank (Banco Metropolitano).

How to rent a car in Cuba?

You could rent a car once you arrive in the island, at the airport or online. Many agencies in Cuba offer this service. Prices will vary according to the class or model chosen, the amount of days the vehicle will be rented, etc. We strongly suggest you make a reservation once you have checked out the rates and reviewed all the possibilities. There are gas/service stations all across the country; and road-side assistance is also provided for your convenience. You will have to present your passport and driver’s license at the time you make a reservation.

Would I be able to use my cell phone in Cuba?

You could bring your mobile phone to Cuba since coverage is wide. If your cell phone company has a roaming agreement with CUBACEL, your line will be automatically activated once you arrive. Cell phone rates are expensive, it is recommended to get well informed about the prices before using your mobile phone in the island.

What kind of documentation do I need to enter the country and how long could I stay?

To enter the country, you will need both passport and visa. Passport must be valid for the duration of your trip plus an additional 6 months after your estimated date of departure. Visa will allow you to stay 30 days on the island.

What are the currencies found on the Island?

On the island you will find two different Cuban currencies, the peso convertible (CUC) also known as chavito and the peso cubano (CUP).

The peso convertible (CUC) will be the currency you will use the most.
Mainly hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets, taxis, rental cars, etc...
It will also be the currency you use to pay the owners of the lodging being stayed at.
The CUC is equivalent to the American dollar.
Currency rates fluctuate according to the dollar.
For example if the euro was at 1.35 CUC, 100 euros would be 135 CUC.
On the other hand, if we changed a hundred US dollars, you receive approximately 86 CUC, dew to the 10% tax imposed in Cuba.

The Cuban Peso (CUP) is only used to pay a limited amount of products and services in places like movies, theaters, commercial centers and other establishments that are not directly related to international tourism.
The typical Cuban market is open air and found all over the Island. Here, you will be able to buy fruit, vegetables, pork and other exclusive products at reasonable prices.

For 1 CUC you will receive 24 pesos cubanos (CUP).

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